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Company History

  It is the Road of Development

  It is the Road of Glory

  It is the Road of Progress and Innovation

  Ten Years for sharpening a sword. Years of hard work achieves todays success of Tangshan Jinshan Tengyu Technology Co., Ltd.

Practice creates  brilliance  

   Located in High-Tech Development Zone of Tangshan City, Tangshan Jishan Tengyu Technology Co., Ltd (hereafter abbreviated as JSTY) is specialized in manufacturing of metallurgical equipment, which is a provincial high-tech organisation integrated with product research and development, metallurgical equipment manufacturing and engineering installation. JSTY has obtain authentication of ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

   After more than ten years of hard work and development, JSTY has become the largest professional manufacturer of BF Tuyere Stock Assembly in China with most advanced technology and manufacturing equipment, enjoying a very high reputation in BF iron-making industry.

   Taking energy conservation and environmental protection as design concept and aiming at reducing heat loss and SO2CO2 emissions, JSTY independently designed and developed Jinshan Labyrinth Tuyere Stock Assembly.

   Excellent technology creates high-quality products and new concepts create miracles. Since 2005, JSTY has obtained more than 10 awards, including Gold Award in International Exhibition of Invention, First Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Awards, National Top Ten Famous Metallurgy Equipment Brand and etc.


Hard work and Integrity create high-quality products

   On September 15, 1999, a simple machining workshop was founded in north side of QingBei road, High-tech development zone, Tangshan City, occupying an area of 300 square meters and only possessing 5 employees and 6 equipment. With dedicated working spirit and good reputation, the spare and accessory parts we produced successfully won the recognition and praise of clients. 

   In April 2001, Tangshan Jinshan Industry and Trade Co., Ltd was registered for establishment, and in the same year, the company relocated in the school-run factory of Tangshan No. 27 Secondary School. The new factory area increased to 800 square meters, staff number exceeded 20, and the production equipment was improved accordingly. The outward appearance and quality of compensators we produced for TangGang Steel were well praised by Germany experts.

   On May 6, 2002, we signed a contract with TangGang Steel for supplying elbows and blow pipes for a 1260m3BF. The same year, we successfully developed the first-generation Jinshan Labyrinth-type Tuyere Stock Assembly, which can radically solve the problems of air leakage, hot redness, high surface temperature etc, opening a new era in BF tuyere stock assembly industry.

Sharp edge of a sword comes out from grinding    

   Years of hard work enable JSTY to step into rapid development phase. With the improvement of R&D technology and production ability and in order to meet the increasing market demand, our company purchased the former site of Tangshan No. 3 Cereals and Oils Company for factory expansion.

   The new factory covers an area of 11.3 mu, building area of more than 4000 M2, possessing more than 100 staffs and 60 sets of production equipment. The annual production ability of tuyere stock assembly alone has reached to 600 sets.

   On August 1, 2003, our company won the bid for supplying Tuyere Stock Assembly for the 2000M3 BF of Tianjing Steel. Due to excellent quality performance, Jinshan Labyrinth-type Tuyere Stock Assembly became an instant hit in the market and successfully won positive assessment and trust of customers. Since then, our company takes tuyere stock assembly as core product and started professional research and development of this technology.

   Jinshan labyrinth-type tuyere stock assembly is a domestic initiative product with national leading technology. After years of precipitation and concentrated operation, experiencing failures and successes, our company was honored as Chinese Tuyere Stock Assembly Expert by equipment manufacturing industry.


Scientific research promotes the development JSTY

   In April 2004, the legal name of our company changed to Tangshan Jinshan Metallurgical Equipment Co., Ltd. Orienting in servicing metallurgical industry, the company invented many excellent patent products, marking the birth of a totally-new and professional production base of Tuyere Stock Assembly.

   In 2005, the company was honored as Top Ten Famous Brand of China Metallurgical Equipment and Contract-observing and Promise-keeping Enterprise, and won First Prize in Fifth National Science and Technology Advancement Award and Second Prize in Fifth National Patent Technology Inventions.

   In 2006, the company gained 8 Patent Design Certificates

   In 2008, the company won the Gold Award in Sixth International Exhibition of Inventions.

   These honors and awards can not be achieved without the effort of all employees. Tangshan Jinshan Metallurgical Equipment Co., Ltd always believes that only excellent products can win good reputation of clients.

   In 2005, Jinshan Labyrinth Tuyere Stock Assembly successfully replaced that originally supplied by Nippon Steel in 4 large capacity blast furnaces at BaoSteel, initiating nationalization of Tuyere Stock Assembly for BaoSteel. The successful application of Jinshan Labyrinth Tuyere Stock Assembly in BaoSteel earned widespread praise within the industry. The city leaders spoke highly of the achievements made by Jinshan Metallurgical Equipment Co., Ltd. In 2008, Kalugin designated Jinshan Metallurgical Equipment Co., Ltd as the sole international supplier of tuyere stock assembly. Jinshan Metallurgical Equipment Co., Ltd now has capabilities to enter international market.


Lay a Solid Foundation, Spur with Long Accumulation

   November 2010, with strong support of municipal and district-level governments, Tangshan Jishan Tengyu Technology Co., Ltd was registered for establishment. In the same year, JSTY won the Gold Medal in China International Patent & Brand Expo and JME trademark was identified as provincial famous brand by Industry and Commerce Administration Bureau of Hebei Province.

   In 2013, Jinshan Labyrinth-type Tuyere Stock Assembly was listed in provincial standards by Quality and Technology Supervision Bureau of Hebei Province.

   Energy-conservation and environment protection type Jinshan labyrinth tuyere stock assembly of our company adapts to the spirit of First Five-year Plan For National Economic and Social Development of the Peoples Republic of China and can effectively improve working environment, significantly reduce energy consumption as well as pollutant emissions, such as SO2 and CO2, dust and waste water, etc. 

   At present, Jinshan labyrinth-type tuyere stock assembly has been sold to over 10 provinces and autonomous regions in China, and been widely applied in a number of large blast furnaces at over 40 iron and steel companies, such as BaoSteel, ShouGang JingTang, etc.

   Honors and achievements of JSTY carry the care and dream of each staff.  Innovation thoughts and striving spirit of all staff guide the development of JSTY.

   Aiming at brand diversification and market globalization and providing more and better energy-conservation and environment protection products for iron and steel companies;

   Creating miracles of tuyere stock assembly and Jointly building a bright future with partners. 

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