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Tangshan Jinshan Metallurgical Equipment Co., Ltd
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  The proven superiority and reliability are two important reasons why more and more steel companies use JinShan Labyrinth-type Tuyere Stock Assembly as replacement of the existing ones. The application of JinShan Labyrinth-type Tuyere Stock Assembly in JiLin Steel makes an important step for revitalizing northeast old industrial base. 

As the only professional manufacturer of BF Tuyere Stock Assembly in China, Tangshan Jinshan Tengyu Technology Co., Ltd independently designed and developed JinShan Labyrinth-type Tuyere Stock Assembly, which can fundamentally solve the problems of conventional hinged structure, such as air leakage, hot redness, high surface temperature, no axial compensation, no angular compensation and frequent unexpected blowing down etc. Further, the production ability and service life as well as the working environment are improved and the heat loss and maintenance cost are reduced. The product has possessed 8 patents and won Gold Award in the 6th International Exhibition of Inventions. As an important breakthrough in the technology field of iron-smelting equipment, JinShan Labyrinth-type Tuyere Stock Assembly can withstand temperature as high as 1450¡æ and both technical performance and using effect are the world leading level. We can also can make specific designs according to different requirements of clients.

Main Business Scope: JinShan Labyrinth-type Tuyere Stock Assembly, Hanging device for hot bustle pipe, Tensioning device for hot blast pipe, PCI Lance, Ball valve, Drill bit, Drill rod and Bellow compensator.

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